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Your wedding film becomes priceless the day after your ceremony and we understand your desire to get it as soon as possible… To produce a film of quality we make sure to give ourselves a fair amount of time. Please also understand that your wedding film is one of among 30 to 40 we shoot each year. We will do our very best to deliver before the 10 week mark that is aimed for in your contract… There is an option to have an expedited edit that guarantees delivery within 5 days for an additional cost… At ENGAGED we feel if you are kept abreast of the process you will find more patience…



STEPS: Booked >Filmed >DBU (Digitized/BackedUp) >Queue >Edit >Review >Export >Sent for Delivery

Hesse-Atchley Edit/Teaser

Gallant – Sinclair SFD

Raimundo-Fenske SFD

Vincent-Calder Review

Neu-Lawson Review

Brunet-Withoos Edit


White-Winn –Booked

Mackie-Epp Booked

Fijnvandraat Wedding Booked

Babuin-Doling Booked

Johnson Wedding Booked

Ellis-Williamson Booked

Patenaude Wedding Booked

Beauparlant-Kraeker Booked

Brooks-Alexander Booked


CARLEE & JOEL – LOVE finds a way to hearts that deserve it… Buffalo Mountain Resort BANFF ❤ (THEATRICAL TRAILER)

ASHLEE & ALEX – Love is a beautiful thing! A beautiful wedding ceremony at deep Roots Winery on the Naramata Bench… ❤ (THEATRICAL TRAILER)

Dawn & Michael’s Happy Place ❤ (THEATRICAL TRAILER)

Cindy & Len “I Do” at Spirit Ridge Resort in Osoyoos ❤ (THEATRICAL TRAILER)

KIM & KEVIN – A Summerhill Estate Winery ❤ (THEATRICAL TRAILER)

DANIELLE & OBAID – At Sparkling Hill Spa & Resort ❤ (THEATRICAL TRAILER)

Due to thousands upon thousands of variables in a wedding film, the film editors job is never really finished… they simply run out of time and have a delivery deadline to meet!

LINDSAY & CHRIS – A Spirit Ridge Wedding Teaser Film in Osoyoos BC ❤ (THEATRICAL TRAILER)

ANNA & CHRIS – “Teaser Film”… A Wedding at The Cove Lakeside Resort in Kelowna ❤ (THEATRICAL TRAILER)