Photo Booths for your Wedding or Event

Planning a wedding can be a time-consuming, stressful, and confusing chore. Your wedding day should be special. It is perhaps the most important event of your life. Yet, if you are like most brides-to-be, the bulk of your planning efforts will be focused on the reception: choosing the theme, the décor, the food, music, etc. One simple way to ensure your wedding reception is an exciting occasion your friends will envy is to incorporate a photo booth into your plan.

Not only does a photo booth show your appreciation for the family members and friends sharing your nuptials with you, it also makes them fully a part of the occasion. Guests like to feel they belong, and everyone loves a picture show!

While the bride, groom, and members of the wedding party are off with the official photographer, guests are often left in awkward silence at the reception site, awaiting the wedding party’s arrival. One way to create a unique, fun, and welcoming atmosphere and set the tone for the celebration to follow is to invite guests to have their photos taken in a portable photo booth. Your guests can have their pictures made by themselves, in wacky pairs, or in creative groups.

This ice-breaking activity encourages guests to mix, mingle, and feel completely at ease with the group. The excitement generated by the first few “models” is so contagious, even your most reserved guests will find it hard to resist joining in. You will find reception guests popping in and out of the booth amid gales of laughter and silly snickering all night long!

Photo booth rentals have been gaining popularity among event & wedding planners as a way to incorporate FUN into the event. In recent years, they have become a prominent feature of celebrity-style events. For example, Beyonce and Hugh Hefner included photo booths at their birthday parties. Dr. Phil’s son, Jay used one at his wedding. After each of the guests were invited to step inside to snap 4 individual photos, the photo strips were placed in a wedding scrapbook—in lieu of a formal guestbook. The photo strips also make unique, custom favors your guests will enjoy for years to come.

It is possible to rent a photo booth for anywhere between $650 – $1500. This includes delivery, installation, and a dedicated attendant. Most digital photo booths will print pictures in color, black and white, or sepia. Some photo booth rentals include options such as online photo galleries that you and your guests can revisit long after the honeymoon or provide all the images in a digital format on a CD or USB Flash Drive.

In years to come, you will treasure the formal photographs taken at your wedding as heirloom reminders of this important day. However, the photo booth will capture hundreds of candid shots of your family and friends at their truest, most lovable selves. The zany poses, goofy faces, and spontaneous giggling emanating from the photo booth will really immortalize the moment. jt

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